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Top 10 Most Sexually Satisfied Nations

There’s a lot about a country that puts it on the world map. The Japanese are known for their technology, Germans for their precision, and Italy seems to be on more than one map, be it food, architecture or fashion.

Apparently, that’s not it all. There’s something beyond these obvious reasons why a country’s name should be making waves, and there are a whole lot of indicators, studies and public surveys that determine the quality of life in a country. In fact, the tiny country of Bhutan even has a happiness index.

It should come as little surprise then, that there have also been attempts to rank countries across the world in terms of how sexually satisfied their citizens are. For years now, there have been studies and surveys that aim to find out just how sexually satisfied each country in the world is, and there have been some consistent winners each year, with a few surprise entries every now and then. Believe it or not, these are serious, research-based studies that are carried out very, very seriously. And why not - after all, with great sex come great benefits!

So then, what are the countries where people are having a lot of fun, and what do their citizens have to say about their sexual satisfaction?


When it comes to both, sexual satisfaction and sexual progressiveness, Switzerland shows the world how it’s done. This country’s liberal outlook on everything sexual is great - whether it is legal prostitution, licensed brothels, or sex education programs which begin right in kindergarten. According to a 2013 study, 21 percent of Swiss people rated their sexual satisfaction as “excellent."


Nude beaches, smouldering gazes, the fiery Spanish way of seduction - be it highly seductive dance forms, or their open displays of passion, Spain is one of the most lustful lands in this world. Its position as the second most satisfied country in the world could also be the result of the openness with which their society accepts homosexuality. As a matter of fact, a poll surveying 15,000 women globally about which nationality of men make the best lovers, Spain was right on top.


Walk down Italy’s cobbled streets and you’ll see why it’s one of the most romantic places in the world - couples kissing in alleys and cafes, and getting increasingly passionate as they drink their way through fine wine and food. There’s a saying that an Italian affair begins at the table and ends in bed - which makes perfect sense since the fare is all about the seduction of the senses. If that weren’t enough, there’s the almost intoxicating, sensual lilt to the Italian tongue - whatever you may have understood from this.


Do you even need a reason for Brazil to be on this list? Sultry, curvy women and olive-skinned men, with a culture that has oodles of passion, be it Brazilian music or dance - Brazilians have passion coursing through their veins. The numbers on how frequently Brazilians get it on vary, but the fact that they are among the youngest to lose their virginity, should tell you something about this country’s hot, steamy and passionate affair, with love, as well as lovemaking.


Even if this list were to be made centuries ago, there’s no doubting that Greece would be somewhere near the top. Sex and intimacy are popular, recurring themes that appear in Greek mythology and lore - they even have a goddess of love and sex, Aphrodite. This makes the Greeks far less conservative about sex, in fact, they were exploring orgasms as early as the 4th century BCE. There’s a reason why the most attractive men are often called Greek Gods, and it probably also helps that the Greeks have one of the healthiest diets in the world, which definitely gives them all that stamina they need to keep their partners satisfied.

The Netherlands

If there were a separate ranking for sexually liberal countries and pro-sex governments, the Netherlands would ace both those lists. Whether its liberal sex education policies in school, its famous red-light district, as well as the abundance of citizens willing to experiment sexually, all of these factors make the Netherlands one of the most sexually satisfied nations in the world, not just in terms of frequency of intercourse, but also the overall quality of the sexual experience.


Also on the list for one of the highest birth rates around the world, there’s no doubt that Mexicans are indeed, having a lot of sex. You’ll be surprised to know that Mexico is exceptionally candid and forthcoming on its views on sex education - schools educate children about sexual health, birth control, safe sex and also have sex education textbooks being circulated since 2008. In terms of numbers, nearly 63 percent Mexicans said they were completely satisfied with their sexual lives.


This is, after all the birthplace of the Kama Sutra - the world’s oldest manual on lovemaking, so no surprises that India should be among the top 10 sexually satisfied countries. Interestingly enough, Indians wait the longest to start having sex, with the average age for losing virginity here being 22. Maybe it’s the traditional culture, but what Indians lose while waiting until 22, they most certainly make up for with foreplay.

There’s also the lure of the forbidden, unlike the more liberal cultures of the West, Indians view sex as a novelty, approaching it with a curiosity that makes them open to experimenting in bed too!


There’s a reason this country’s called the “Land Down Under”. Jokes aside, - which is actually sex on the road, or in a vehicle. This country clearly knows how to spice things up, with nearly 27% Australian women claiming their sex lives are absolutely perfect. In addition, the average Australian man has almost double the number of sexual partners as compared to an American - 25 as opposed to 13 in the case of the latter.


This last entry on the list is both, surprising and peculiar. For one, Nigeria has rather strict views on homosexuality, and is not a culture where sex is openly spoken about. Despite this, not only does it find a place in the top 10 most sexually satisfied countries in the world, it was actually rated the #1 most sexually satisfied country in another study, with 67 percent of its citizens saying they were sexually satisfied. Interestingly enough, this could also definitely be the result of the fact that Nigerians also have some of the longest intercourse time, at an average of 24 minutes per average session.

Hopefully, this is a great insight into which countries are having the most sex, and if you don’t find your own country there - you know what you’re missing out on, and how to get it right.