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Casual relationships

So, you’ve decided relationships are not for you. At least for now. This is a common decision made by many people at various stages of their lives. Sometimes due to a messy breakup, abusive relationship or commitments elsewhere like a demanding job or becoming a full time carer. For a multitude of reasons, many people embark on a casual relationship or become friends with benefits to fill a void in their sex life.

Finding casual sex

XXXtreme Dating helps people find casual relationships or just some no strings fun securely and unobtrusively, saving you time and the embarrassment of trying to meet people for sex in person.

There are many ways people seek out casual sex or start a casual relationship. Often, a one night stand, chance encounter or even an office fling can evolve into something more regular but never quite develop into a serious or exclusive relationship. You may not even be aware you are in a casual relationship, the borders are quite blurred and before you know it you are hooking up regularly for sex or even worse, you think you are in a relationship but the reality is you are being used by the other person solely for sex. Obviously, if you join a dating site like XXXtreme Dating, there is no confusion about what most members are looking for. This helps eliminate any uncertainty.

Am I emotionally ready for a casual relationship?

This is a major issue with keeping it casual or being a fuck buddy. At some point, one of you may begin to develop feelings for the other. In some cases this can lead to something special that neither of you expected but in many cases this leads to someone getting hurt, jealousy and resentment. Commonly, men are better at dealing with casual relationships but it’s in no way an exclusively female problem. Many men begin to develop ‘feels’ for a female partner who doesn’t feel the same way about them but often hide it better. If you are not emotionally equipped to deal with these feelings, maybe a casual relationship is not for you.

How do you define casual sex?

Casual sex can come in many forms. Commonly, having casual sex means that you are having sex with someone you are not in a committed or exclusive relationship with, often just the once but sometimes it can be regular encounters sometimes called a ‘booty call’ or a ‘fuck buddy’. For an encounter to really be just casual sex, both parties should be aware that its just a casual thing although this rarely happens. Usually, one of you will believe it will lead to something more.

Where to find casual sex

You have your usual tried and tested ways of finding sex such as nights out, bars, clubs and even the classic drunken late night text to an ex. Many people are quite successful meeting partners socially. Most of us has a mate who seems to pull every time we go out. Unfortunately, many of us are simply not as confident or good at handling rejection.

You also have newer ways of finding sex, especially online. Some more successful than others. I’m sure many girls will relate to this. How many times have some strange guys tried to ‘slip into your DM’s’ or left creepy messages on your Facebook wall? The truth is, finding sex online in the wrong place is near to impossible. Fear not however. There are plenty of sex dating websites and hookup apps to suit all but the strangest sexual desires. From the vanilla Tinder aimed at the younger crowd who want to meet chat quickly and cheaply to more sexually focused sites catering for fat, thin, old, bisexual, swingers and BDSM. Whatever floats your boat, you are likely to find something catering for your needs online.

Where does XXXtreme Dating fit in?

We would say we are somewhere in the middle. Where hookup apps like tinder are more popular with millennials and are not strictly aimed at casual sex (although many members use it for sex), we are a dedicated casual sex site meaning that the majority of our members are actively seeking sex or adult orientated chat. Also, the age range of our members is more diverse meaning there is something for everyone. Where we differ from the more ‘niche’ sex dating sites is we do not cater for one individual sexual interest or fetish. We do give members the option to indicate their sexual preferences, sexual orientation and even their favourite sexual position, making it easy to find compatible sexual partners.